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3ft – FInished~!

So here’s the 3ft piece i’ve finished.       I left it uncroped so you can see the objects around it for scale! This is probably the largest thing I’ve done in years. Happy holidays from Kuala Lumpur!!!

Featured Work at Transform

Hey everyone! So recently I did some illustrations that were featured on the TransForm blog, which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to revamping the Bay Area transit system. This was partnered with the California College of the Arts ENGAGE class. Please have a look!  

The Krampus!

So recently I did a new piece on the Krampus – the Christmas demon that basically goes around beating children with sticks.     The goal was to accomplish the piece under 4 hours. I’m thinking of taking it further with some colour.

The Mermaid – Finished!

So I finished the mermaid I did for life drawing class. My process included first inking the entire drawing with brush pen and an architectural pen. I used gold gel pen for the moon and a white opaque gel pen for the stars. I then finished the entire image on photoshop. What do you think? […]