Elegance in the imperfect and the fleeting is something Lisa Wong Sook Kuan strives to represent in her art. She attended the California College of the Artin San Francisco, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. However, rather than concept art for video games or the op-ed illustrations favoured by the likes of editorial publications, Lisa has always been drawn to images with roots in beauty, emotion, and the macabre.

Inspired by the complexity of the human persona, her art is an ornate, surrealistic, depiction of different emotive states. Her work spans from intricate ink pieces to brightly-hued acrylic creations. They tell stories of loss, of hidden desire, and of decay. Her artistic inspiration is drawn from the likes of Takato Yamamoto, Vania Zouravliov, and James Jean. Occasionally, she also ventures into classical art, utilising graphite, oil paint and charcoal.

Besides visual arts, Lisa also enjoys cooking and soap-making.

For inquiries, please send them to lisa.sookkuan@gmail.com